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Save the Loneliest Generations

Never has addressing loneliness been so important.

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The Loneliest Generations: Millennials and Generation Z

Loneliness (n): sadness because one has no friends or company

At Beneath The Skin, we serve Millennial and Generation Z women. According to a recent study by Cigna, these are the loneliest generations. Also according to the Cigna study, loneliness has the same negative impact on one's health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and "lonelier people are more likely to have infrequent in-person interactions, disagree that their 'social skills'/relationship statuses are good, be in fair/poor overall, physical, and mental health, and have less balance in their lives – all of which are interconnected and come with repercussions of their own."

To us, that's simply not okay.

We want to make a difference by providing genuine connection through our Peer to Peer Mentoring Program. Be part of that change by giving to Beneath The Skin today. But, you should know when you give to Beneath The Skin, you're really giving to young women like Hannah.

Meet Hannah!

Hannah is a 17 year old mentee in Texas!

Read Hannah's story below to find out why she joined Beneath The Skin.

I joined Beneath the Skin because the year 2018 was very rough for me, I went through extreme heartache, loss, friend issues, I just got swept into a depression and lost who I was. I let the circumstances I was in and that I went through define me, I let what people said about me define me. There were days where it was hard to pull myself out of bed, and go through the motions, because I felt like I wasn't really living, I was just existing. I didn't shower, I didn't eat, I didn't go out, and all of this snowballed into something worse. I turned to things I shouldn't have to numb the pain I was feeling, and it was only then I realized I couldn't keep doing that to myself. I was ready for a change and being from a small town I knew there weren't many people to confide in, so I decided to join Beneath the Skin. Being a fan of Memphis May Fire and following Brittany Mullins, I decided that joining Beneath the Skin could be a start. I recently joined and I got paired with an amazing mentor, we have so many things in common and I feel like I can tell her my problems. It's all without judgment, it's like having a best friend by your side that you've known for years, and this is a bond that can last a lifetime. Joining Beneath the Skin was the best choice I have made, it's helped me understand things better and gain a better view of myself and the world.